Audio/Video Product Analysis and Reviews

Audio/Video Product Analysis and Reviews

Dr. Johnson offers in-depth analysis of products at any stage of development, from design to completion. His analysis is both objective and subjective in nature.

Products are objectively evaluated using analytic and benchmark software techniques developed over the many years of publishing detailed product reviews. Products are subjectively evaluated based on both audio listening and ease of use and set-up.

The steps involved in Dr. Johnson’s analysis of products are summarized as follows:

  • Clear outline of the objectives of the product analysis
  • Feedback during the phases of analysis
  • Report and discussion of the results of the product analysis
  • Product Review PDF for publication (As requested).

All product analysis work may be conducted at the design stage, beta or alpha stages of development, or at the final product stage.

Examples of Dr. Johnson’s work are available in the Table of Contents for Product Reviews, Technical Articles and Editorials.

A general discussion of the approach to all product analysis and reviews is described by Dr. Johnson in his Behind the Scenes-In the Lab series. This article describes some of the test equipment and software utilized for product analysis and product reviews.