Educator and Professional Speaker

Educator and Professional Speaker

Dr. Johnson offers informative presentations on a wide range of audio/video topics.

He specializes in making highly technical topics understandable and enjoyable to the participants.

Comments from recent events and technical articles:

Manufacturer Representative

“As a manufacturer, it was wonderful to experience all the myriad systems that Dr. Johnson presented at the event. I often don’t get to hear and see other equipment as much as I would like, and as a music lover, it was a great experience. I’d not had much exposure to electrostatic speakers, and was amazed by their performance. The video portion of the presentation was truly spectacular.

Watching John go through his presentation, I was impressed with his knowledge of so many facets of the industry as a whole. I know it’s not easy to be DJ, sound engineer, and lecturer all at once, but he did it with impressive ease, and it was clear that he enjoyed what he was doing. All in all it was fun.”

Product Developer

“The presentation was excellently executed, and the variety of equipment impressive. John did a great job of explaining the different types of speakers and other associated equipment. It really was worthy of documenting on video, for presentation to others, or publishing on the Internet; perhaps next time.

I was especially impressed by the large Pass Labs amplifiers. I have heard of them, but had not had a chance to see and hear them. Also, the home theater presentation was really spectacular; something I had not been exposed to before.”


Technical Article: An Audiophile’s Guide to Quantization Error, Dithering, and Noise Shaping in Digital Audio

“Thanks for the great and informative article, John. You managed to turn an unreadable and very technical topic into an enjoyable one.”